009: All about Autofocus

009: All About Autofocus


In todays episode you will learn:

  • What autofocus does
  • How your camera sees
  • What you camera wants to focus on
  • Your cameras 3 main Auto focus modes
  • What each mode does
  • When to use One shot / AF-s / S
  • When to use AI Focus / AF-a / 
  • When to use AI Servo / AF-c / C
  • How to change your autofocus modes
  • Why you should decide what should be in focus and not your camera
  • How to fine tune your focus
  • How you can still get the same great focus from the professional cameras, on your entry level gear
  • How many autofocus points your DSLR has
  • What a cross type focus point is
  • How your camera needs contrast to find focus
  • The difference between vertical and horizontal focus points
  • When you should be using auto focus zones
  • Why a lot of pros use just one autofocus point
  • What the auto focus system looks like in your viewfinder
  • What focus mode you should be using at family events
  • What auto focus mode you should be using for a bride walking down the aisle
  • What Back button focusing is
  • Why you would want to use back button focus instead of the shutter button

Want to get into the nitty-gritty of your autofocus systems? Check the links below!
The first link describes and demonstrates how your camera decides and determines focus. It is a bit more technical, but gives you some great insight in how to take advantage your focus systems. 

The second link is a great illustrative demonstration of how your focus modes operate as you attempt to lock focus on subjects. Both are a great visual demonstration and we hope they help you!

Cross-type and Linear focus points: Link
Autofocus modes (AF-A/AF-S/AF-C or One Shot/AI Focus/ AI Servo): Link