086: Allie Siarto - The Wine Tasting Experience

Today's guest is Allie Siarto. A wedding and lifestyle photographer from East Lansing Michigan. She is also the host of the Photo Field Notes Podcast where she focuses on business growth by interviewing other successful photographers. Allie shares some great tips on how to deliver an experiences that will blow your clients away!

In this episode you'll learn:

  • How Allie left her corporate job to pursue photography

  • What Allie learned while working at a big ad agency

  • How Allie booked her first wedding client

  • The importance of becoming a photography apprentice

  • The first lens Allie bought for her camera

  • Tips on how you can improve your client experience without spending money giving away gifts

  • Why Allie was terrified to photograph her co workers

  • The steps that Allie took to become a photography assistant

  • Why getting feedback on her photos was a pivotal moment for her growth

  • How Allie closed down her photography studio only to open it back up and make it more successful than ever!

  • The advice Allie would give herself if she could start all over

  • What Allie looks for when hiring on another photographer

  • What Allie asks the parents of the couples after every wedding



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