090: Courtney Slazinik - Click It Up A Notch

Today's guest is Courtney Slazinik. An ex-teacher who turned photographer who now runs the popular photography blog Click it up a Notch which Huffington post named one of the top 5 blogs for momtographers.

In Todays Interview You Will Learn:

  • The moment Courtney decided to pursue photography

  • How breaking her first camera was the catalyst to growing her skills

  • What mistakes Courtney sees new photographers making most

  • Courtney's views on breaking the rules in photography

  • The unconventional way Courtney started her photography blog, Click it up a Notch

  • How to know when to upgrade to a new camera body

  • The wrong piece of advice that Courtney hears beginners being taught most

  • The importance of lighting and seeing it in different places-


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