BPP 132: Corey Potter - Common Blogging Mistakes for Photographers

Todays return guest is Corey Potter. The Best SEO Specialist for Photographers. Focusing on helping photographers understand search engine optimization and proving an incredible amount of help Corey is here to day to talk about mistakes photographer make when blogging and expert SEO tips for your photography website.

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In This Episode You'll Learn:

  • Which photography website builder to use and why

  • Why have a photography website

  • Why blogging is so important

  • What to blog if you don’t have any recent shoots

  • What is cornerstone content and why it is critical to google

  • What google wants to see from a photography website

  • What to put on a photography website

  • The hardest thing for beginners to understand about SEO

Premium Members Also Learn:

  • How to SEO Photography Website

  • How to promote your photography website

  • How often to blog

  • Why blogging frequently could be bad for your google ranking

  • What to do with your content after you hit publish

  • How to use Keyword Research to discover what topics to talk about

  • The one blog every photographer needs to have on their website


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