BPP 133: Valerie Jardin - Street Photography 101

Todays guest is Valerie Jardin. World Renowned Street photographer with more than 20 years of experience. A born artist, her bio says "while other kids had posters of rockstars on their walls, I had framed photos from my favorite photographers" She is also the host of the popular "Hit The Streets" Podcast, Today Im excited to find out what those 20 years have taught her about shooting the streets.

In This Episode You'll Learn:

  • How Valerie got her start in Street photography

  • Why Street photography is Black and White

  • The hardest aspect of street photography to learn

  • What the job of a street photographer is

  • Why shoot street photography

  • How to study and learn street photography

  • the must have gear for street photographers

Premium Members Also Learn:

  • Is Street photography legal

  • The most important piece of gear a street photographer can have

  • What lens for street photography

  • When to call it quits at a location

  • How to build photographic intent

  • How to market street photography

  • How to sell street photography

  • How to make money with street photography


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