BPP 164: Dave Maze - Gear Talk from a Professional Gear Reviewer

Dave Maze is a professional camera gear reviewer for Kinotika and host of the Polar Pro Golden Hour Podcast. It is his job to tell you the good, the bad, and the ugly of the new cameras on the market so you can make better informed buying decisions! Because lets face it, camera gear is not cheap. Today Dave and I talk in depth about camera gear and how to make the right decision for you!

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In This Episode You'll Learn:

  • How Dave learned camera exposure

  • The hardest part about photography for Dave to learn

  • Why Dave started reviewing gear

  • How Dave decides what to focus on with his gear review

  • Daves takes on full frame vs crop sensor camera

  • The difference between a $5000 camera vs a $500 camera and who needs what

  • What piece of gear Dave never uses

  • Common bad info Dave hears being taught to new photographers

  • Daves take on the best travel camera

  • How many megapixels Dave thinks is too much

  • Daves take on using two different camera manufacturers

  • The importance of ND filters and Polarizer filters


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Full Episode Transcription:

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