Daily Photo Q&A #14: Is Your Facebook Page Doing Enough For You?

Todays Question: Photography Is A Hobby For Me, How Important Is It For Me To Have A Website?

Having a website is essential if you are running a business. Having a place online of your own that you can convert viewers into paying customers is best done with your website. Like just about everyone else photography starts off as a hobby. Its up to you to decide is photography is going to stay a hobby or if you are going to make a go at becoming a full time photographer. For a lot of people, keeping photography as a fun hobby is more than enough for them and they wonder if they should get a website? In short I would say that if you know you never plan to become a full time photographer and you just love taking photos of your kids or fun events you go to, then no there is really no need to have a website. There are so many places online where you can share your photos like Instagram, Flickr, 500px, Facebook, etc so starting a dedicated website would be a redundant and could be costly. But if you think there will ever be a possibility that you would want to make money off of your photography and get clients to find you then do not hesitate and get a website right now!


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