Daily Photo Q&A #15: Lightroom's All Powerful Capabilities

Todays Question: In Lightroom I have a lot of snapshots but after a while I forget all of the snapshot images of from throughout the year. Is there a way to filter them so I can see all of them at once?

Adobe Lightroom is the industry standard when it comes to editing photos (not manipulating photos like Photoshop) and its categorizing capabilities are some of the best if you use them correctly. We take a ton of photos every day. We took more photos in 20XX than every year previous... COMBINED. So coming up with an easy solution to be able to easily find that photo of your kid doing that hilarious thing with their nose from 2 summers ago is important. Most people when first starting out in Lightroom just import all of their photos into one folder. All of their images are in one place which is fine if you just have a few hundred photos. After a few years you will have amassed thousands if not tens of thousands of photos and if they are still in just one folder it can get hectic. 

Luckily Lightroom has thought of this by letting you search by a photos "metadata" which is just info that is stored in the photo like what camera took the photo, what lens took the photo, what your aperture was for the photo, or if your camera has GPS built in (Like your phone!) it can show where the photo was taken. Im great at remembering what camera I took a photo with (iPhone, Galaxy s7, x70, 5dmkIII, xPro2) and can go back and look at all the photo I took with that device helping me find the photo I was looking for quicker. 


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