Daily Photo Q&A #17: How To Get Sharp Focus

Todays Question: How Do I Get All Of My Photos In Focus? They Are Always Blurry.

The images your camera can create are incredible. It can be extremely frustrating when you think you got the perfect shot and you look at it on the back of the camera to see that it is blurry or out of focus. This can be a result of several things. One could be that you are in the wrong autofocus mode. Your camera has several autofocus modes depending on what your shooting. One might only track people faces, another will only focus on whats within a tiny square in your viewfinder, another depends on using back button focus. I highly encourage you to test out all of the autofocus modes your camera has to offer by reading your cameras manual. If you bought your camera used and it didn't come with a manual than search youtube for "YOUR CAMERA Autofocus setting" and I'm sure someone will be happy enough to walk you through them.

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