Daily Photo Q&A #18: Photography Side Hustle

Todays Question: Do You Have Any Tips For Someone Who Does Not Want To Start A Photography Business?

Not everyone should start a business. Not everyone wants to start a business. Photography is so popular because anyone can do it but it takes a lot of patience and practice to do it well. If photography is a fun hobby for you and you have grown your camera skills and people are asking to pay you for your photography you may ask yourself if you should start a photography business. Thats not always the right answer for you. If you like your 9-5 job, or are a single parent, or have a ton of student loans maybe keeping photography as a hobby that can make you some extra income could save you a ton of stress when business starts to slow down during certain months of the year. Bonus you can actually write off a percentage of your photography hobby expenses on your taxes!

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