Daily Photo Q&A #19: Photoshop VS Lightoom Whats Best For You

Todays Photography Question: Is Photoshop or Lightroom Better For Editing Your Photos?

Starting out as a photographer it can be hard to decide if you should be using adobe photoshop or adobe lightroom. They both edit photos so when is one better than the other and how to I choose? Adobe Lightroom is the right choice for you if you plan to be editing a series of photos and don't plan to manipulate them past the point of realism. Photoshop is when you take a photo to change it into something that never was. Changing out the background to be in the woods instead of the city, making a cat fly across a rainbow made of delicious nachos, putting Donald Trumps hair on someone. These are great cases to use photoshop as they would not be possible within lightroom. 

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