Daily Photo Q&A #21: Shooting More Than You Can Imagine To Prepare For The Future!

Todays Question: I'm still trying to find what my “thing” is in photography. Do you think it would be wise to reach out to local business for things such as headshots, interior shots, product shots, ect. It might not be something that i necessarily want to do but it would bring in some extra money for a new lens or two and it might be a good word of mouth to some good local families. What is your thoughts on this?

When you're starting out in photography your biggest asset is time. You have such a great opportunity to grow your portfolio and find your niche in photography. Reaching out to local businesses about shooting headshots, product shots, real estate, for them to gain experience is an incredible idea. Your photography has a lot of value to people who don't know how to work a DSLR. You want to Practice your skill while still delivering images they can use. If you're building your portfolio and want to do the session for free then make sure at the end of the photo shoot you let them know that you also shoot paid family photography and would love a referral if they need, or know anyone who needs some family photos taken. That way you can still make some money and grow your referal base. 

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