Daily Photo Q&A #20: Finding Cool Locations For Photoshoots

Todays Question: You've talked about taking your couples to interesting locations like breweries and coffee shops for engagement sessions. I often have kids/baby/family photo sessions for which I'd like to take them to fun places that are sometimes open to the public. Do you obtain permission first or do you just go and hope no one cares? How does that work for you? And how do you work around other people if you don't want them in background of the photos?

When you start to photograph families more you're going to realize that you don't want all of your photos to look the same because you keep shooting at the same location. But how do you find new locations to shoot? Just think of fun activities you would see families doing. Going to the fair if its in town, going to an outdoor street market, an indoor trampoline park something that will force the family to interact with each other. When I go to a brewery or coffee shop I don't ask for permission because I only intend to take 2-3 photos inside before we all head outside and walk around. I'm also just a one bag and one camera kind of shooter so I won't be getting in peoples way with lights and stands and cords. But if the entire session was going to happen in one location I would absolutely get permission to shoot there first. When it comes to dealing with people in the background I just shoot around it. Wait until people walk past to take the photo or find an interesting spot to hide that will block people out of my frame.

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