Daily Photo Q&A #24: The Best Piece of Photo Gear You Could Buy For $100 

Todays Question: Whats The Best Piece of Photo Gear You Could Buy For $100

I get this question a lot and I think it's being asked for the wrong reason. Typically new photographers think that the gear is what makes you a better photographer. We all know thats just wrong. What makes a better photographer is being safe, saving time, and feeling confident in your photography. Therefore if I had $100 I would buy something to keep me save like an external hard drive. You work hard to create the photos you do and it doesn't matter if you only photograph your family you need to back up your photos to keep them safe. If you already have an external hard drive then I would try to maximize my time. Getting out to photograph something new is fun, sitting behind a computer editing them, not so much. So try to make your time more effective by speeding up your computer with some more RAM. I think for a modern computer 5 years old or newer 16gb's of Ram will do the trick. Click the link below to find the right ram for your computer! Lastly you want to be proficient in photography. From learning how to see the light, shooting in all kinds of lighting situations, and even just good practices as a photographer. Sometimes a video course will be the most effective way for you to learn photography! Check out Creative live for their vast range of great photography lessons!


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