Daily Photo Q&A #25: What Makes A Great Photograph

Todays Question: How Do You Know When You Have A Good Photograph?

This is like asking how can you win the lotto? In short just keep trying. We learn from our mistakes. Start looking at photos everywhere like Facebook, Billboards, Tv, and start asking yourself if YOU like the photo and if so ask yourself WHY you like the photo. Once you do that for a few dozen photos you're going to recognize a pattern of what you like and you can start to improve upon that aspect in you photography. A great photo isnt always just about the technicals though. And this is why it can be subjective. You can have a poorly exposed slightly out of focus shot of a child and a grandmother hugging and to the grandmother, its the most precious photo in the world but to a random person walking down the street the photo would be garbage. So as important as it is to make sure you know your cameras settings, and finding a good composition, they are not the only factors in making a great photo. But keep trying, make mistakes, and keep looking at others work and ask yourself why you do or don't like it.  

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