Daily Photo Q&A #27: The key to Editing Phone Photos on the go!

Todays Question: How Do You Edit Your Photos on your Phone Before You Put Them on Instagram or Facebook? Do you edit them on your phone? If so whats your favorite apps?

Phone photography is on the rise. Today the phone is the most popular camera in the world. So it makes sense that you would want to edit the photos on your phone. Luckily mobile editing has come a long way in just a few years! For most of my photos the built in editing features within Instagram are enough. Just a few short years ago you were limited to only picking a filter. Today instagram has really made leaps and bounds on what you can edit. For some photos that need a little more attention I use the free photo editing app Snapseed. Snapseed was created by a popular desktop photo editing company Nix before they were bought out by Google who has continued to improve upon the incredible platform! Check out some of my earliest instagram photos below!

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