23 Best Photography Youtube Channels To Follow Today

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    If you are anything like me you learn better through video than text. There are so many resources online to learn photography but Youtube is my favorite. Youtube is hands down the best source for incredible photography tutorials, tips, and even gear reviews. We photographers are visual creatures and youtube caters to the learning center of our brain perfectly. But with youtube being a place where anyone can create and upload content, it can be time consuming to curate a list of photography channels you must subscribe to that will provide endless recurring content. So I did the hard work for you so you can get back to shooting! The Youtube Channels below are in no particular order and no one is better than another. If you subscribe to even half of these youtube channels I guarantee you will be busy enough to catapult your knowledge of photography.


    1: SLR Lounge

    The SLR Lounge youtube page is an extension of the popular SLR Blog. Their youtube channel is full of tips for wedding and portrait photographers. From Posing and lighting to editing and gear talk, SLR Lounge has something for just about everyone new and experienced with a camera

    2: Photos in Color

    Photos in Color is a unique Youtube channel. While there are plenty of on location photoshoots there is a wide range of lightroom and editing tutorials too. Eds has a great way of communicating difficult ideas for newer photographers in a clear and concise way that everyone will understand. This makes Photos in color a must subscribe!

    3: FStoppers

    If you are unfamiliar, FStoppers is another popular photography blog. Their youtube channel has some real Gems. From their community critique series, their Photographing the world series, and tons of behind the scenes videos, it's clear they are committed to producing quality photography education

    4: Taylor Jackson

    Taylor Jackson not only is a past guest of the Beginner Photography Podcast, (Click Here to Listen) but he has one of the best youtube channels focused on photography. From his “A Photographer In” Series where is travels the world and shows you how he takes the amazing photographs he takes, to mounting a gopro to his camera and taking you along with him to full weddings where you can see his camera settings while hes shooting. Taylor Jackson is always coming up with new and interesting photography videos that keep you captivated.

    5: Peter Mckinnon

    Peter Mckinnons popularity on youtube has exploded in the past year and its clear to see why. Peters videos have incredible content and production quality. With so many tutorials you are bound to not only learn something but you will be incredibly entertained! His photography vlog is also insightful and educational! Some of Peters tutorials are not incredibly in-depth but I’d be lying if I told you I hadn't picked up a tip or two from him.

    6: Nigel Danson

    Nigel is a landscape photographer who does an incredible job at taking us along with with him as he shoots some of the worlds most beautiful locations. He talks us through whats going on in his head and why he's making the decisions he's making. When it comes to landscape photography there is a huge difference between good and great, and Nigel shows you what it takes, the mindset to have to be great.

    7: Craft and Vision

    David duChemin is a world renowned photographer who has shot on assignment in all 7 continents for just about every publication over the past several decades. Craft and Vision is a weekly themed video series aimed at helping you forget about megapixels and focusing on the art of photography, the connection you can make through photography, and the story you can tell through photography. Andrews videos are incredibly thought provoking and equality enjoyable. This is a must subscribe channel!

    8: Advancing your Photography

    Host Marc Silber is another guest of the podcast, you can check out his interviews back from interview 65 ( Click Here to Listen ) and 97 ( Click Here to Listen ). Marc has been shooting since the 1960s and I am thankful that with the internet we have a place for him to share his incredible knowledge of photography with the world. He interviews some of the worlds best photographers like Annie Leibovitz, Bob Holmes, and Joe McNally.  Marc has a knack for asking the right questions that challenge both the photographer he is interviewing and the viewer.

    9: Thomas Heaton

    Thomas Heaton is a favorite among landscape photographers both experienced and new to the genre. Thomas’ videos are like watching him achieve a goal. They start with an intro, why he wants the shot, the challenges, the gear, the journey to the location, arriving, and then tips on how he achieves the shot he wants. His videos are more vlog style than purely instructional but that behind the scenes shows the reality of what it takes to get a worthy landscape photo.

    10: Karl Taylor

    Karl Taylor is a commercial advertising photographer and educator. Spend just 5 seconds watching any of his videos and its clear he is extremely knowledgeable about lighting and product photography. Karl often brings you into his studio where he shows you why a single bottle of whiskey can take a dozen lights to photograph. Karl not only shows you how to shoot it right in camera, but he then will show you how much work the image takes in photoshop to polish it. Even if you are not a product photographer seeing how another photographer sees and uses light is invaluable.

    11: Phlearn

    Phlearn is one of the best sources for all thing photo editing in lightroom and photoshop. Some of the tutorials are incredibly complex and get very in depth. Thankfully the host Aaron has mind reading capabilities can knows which parts of his tutorials are most complicated and he does a great job of slowing down to explain the process and why it works the way it does. And luckily he has a personality that makes learning fun and engaging. Phlern has tutorials on everything from what every button in adobe lightroom does to how to make a Stranger Things poster image in Photoshop. This tutorial on retouching babies skin might be one of the most useful and popular.

    12: Chase Jarvis

    Chase Jarvis is a world famous photographer for some of the biggest sports and adventure brands and creator of the popular website Creative Live. Chase hands down is one of the most positive and motivational people I have ever seen. He shares experiences that he has encountered while behind the camera to motivate and inspire photographers of all skill levels. His presence is perfect for his youtube show Chase Jarvis RAW. Chase not only interviews world famous photographers but also some of the world’s top thought leaders like Richard Branson, Daymon John, and Tim Ferris.

    13: B&H Photo

    If you dont know, B&H Photo is the worlds largest camera store. Located in New York City the store is more than 70,000 square feet and more than 10,000 products that you can put your hands on and try. Their youtube channel is full of useful product demos that will surely help you when feeling indecisive. The real meat of the B&H youtube channel is their “Event Space” series where they record hour long+ lectures and training by some of the worlds best and most proven photographers. It is not short form content, the guest has more time to go in depth on their topic which will give you a better understanding. And when tackling complex topics like “Are you expressing your creativity or just pressing buttons?” the extra time and long form conversation is refreshing!

    14: Adorama TV

    Adorama TV is another camera retailer like B&H but that’s about all they have in common when it comes to their youtube content. With close to 3,000 videos and over 1,000,000 video views a month it’s obvious that Adorama TV makes some incredible tutorials and content for photographers. Adorama TV has a slew of video series and you are bound to find several that really appeal to you. One of my favorite hosts Mike Wallace shares a ton of great tips about lighting that will get you thinking differently.

    15: The Art of Photography

    If you are interested in anything film related, print related, or anything about taking photography to a level higher than point and shoot, the Art of Photography is perfect for you. Ted Forbes hosts interesting discussions about what makes a photograph interesting and artistic. His views passionate yet open. He makes it clear that there is more than one way to do something right and plenty of opportunity to improve and grow as a photographer. While Ted Forbes has helpful reviews on cameras and whatnot I think the most power comes from his many videos that get you thinking and asking yourself questions about your own work.

    17: Mango Street

    Having created their youtube channel for photographers just over a year ago it’s quite incredible that they have amassed well over half a million dedicated subscribers. Watch any of their more than 100 videos and you will immediately understand the appeal. Their quick and to the point defined videos mean there is fluff and no time wasted learning what you are looking for. Their unique editing style and chemistry together make each video incredibly entertaining to watch.

    18: Eric Kim Photography

    Eric Kim is a street photographer who is not scared to strap a GoPro to the top of his camera and ask people walking by to take their portraits. Eric also shares photography tips like composition for street photography while he traces over his photos on an iPad making them pop. Eric answers lots of questions about being bold and stepping out of your comfort zone when out on the street that will be sure to help you when starting out.

    19: Jessica Kobeissi

    Jessicas channel is unique for sure. Some photographers make a single video of how to shoot in an ugly location but Jessica has a whole series on shooting in ugly locations, shooting with dollar tree items, cheap ebay dresses, and multiple photographers shooting the same model. Her channel offers fun creative ideas and different perspectives to prove that even with nothing, you can come up with a creative photo shoot.

    20: Jamie Windsor

    Jamie is a UK based wedding photographer but dont let that stop you if you don’t shoot weddings! With videos ranging from “9 tips to getting better black and white photos” to “Why your ideas arn’t original” Jamie really has something useful for every photographer.

    21: Evan Ranft

    Evans Channel has some great offerings for the younger viewers who are interested in photography and travel through social media. With tutorials on getting high quality photos on instagram and editing iPhone photos with VSCO he caters to a crowd who wants freedom from a computer and still be able to live an adventurous lifestyle. But don't skip his channel just because you're over 30, Evan also has tutorials on 14 Great lightroom tips AND the linked video below what to expect and how to prepare for your first photoshoot.

    22: Nathan Elson

    Nathan Elson is a Calgary Alberta commercial photographer who may not upload nearly as often as the rest of the youtube channels on this list, but what he does upload is pure gold. Nathan is a master at bringing you into his busy studio and walking you through what’s in his head when it comes to lighting and camera technicals as well as the challenges of what it’s like to be a busy working commercial photography.

    23: Irene Rudnyk

    Irene, like Nathan Elson is another Canadian photographer. Irene focuses on fashion photography but with a more home grown portrait flair. She is great at what she does, just check out her underwater photoshoot! But Irene knows her audience well enough to create videos like the one below all about what goes into having a home studio.

    BONUS! 24: The Beginner Photography Podcast

    Lastly, our channel, the Beginner Photography Podcast. On top of posting every recorded podcast interview this year has seen an effort into posting more tutorials to helping grow your skills as a photographer like creative challenges and dealing with digital storage and show you how to focus less on what doesn't matter.

    Like I mentioned earlier, there is no shortage of great photography resources on youtube! In fact, if you scoured youtube non stop for the next year I’m sure you could learn everything you need to find a successful photographer. But in case you don’t have that much time and you want to learn photography in an easy to follow, free video course, sign up below!

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